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Unemployment is one of the underlying causes of depression.  Millions of people are losing their jobs while inflation continues to rise.  Trade wars between countries have negative effect in economic growth, and the victims are not only the countries at war but the entire world economy.  As economic growth declines more and more companies struggle to meet their financial obligations.  Employees become easy target.  Some companies resort to automation to avoid the stringent labour laws.  Employees retrenchment continue to rise and job creation remain a challenge for most countries.

Company executives continuously resign from their positions due to stress caused by unrealistic expectations of shareholders and Board members, they are expected to report profits while economic conditions and policies are not favourable to business, deal with political interference, inform breadwinners that they are retrenched, and deal with labour unions.  Inability to meet these expectations is often regarded as incompetence or sabotage, resulting in cancellation of employment contracts or contracts not renewed at the end of the term.  It is difficult to just tell your family that you no longer have a job.  Job loss result in lifestyle change, conflicts within the family, failure to meet financial obligations, divorce, losing assets, and in some cases suicide due to unbearable stress.


Change in lifestyle can either be good or bad.   A change in lifestyle is good when it changes for the better, more healthier, good diet, exercise, affordability, living a good life.  This is what we all want to achieve, a stress free life.  The reality is that things are not always good in life.  You can plan but catastrophes  happen when you least expected, and change your life for worse.  Losing a job and long-term unemployment is one of them.  You find yourself having to compromise one benefit for another, whether it’s compromising security for diet, or safety for education.  Compromising is not easy, and it’s painful.

When you are unemployed you’re stripped off your freedom to choose where you live, what you eat, wear, and what healthcare you can get (unless your country provides free or subsidised healthcare).  The standard of education for your children may be compromised.  This is highly stressful and few people survive without resorting to alcohol or even narcotics to ease the pain.  This is what drives most teenagers to narcotics or smoking marijuana.  It may be easier for adults to adjust, but teenagers always have difficulty to adjust to changes of this nature.


Unemployment often lead to family conflicts, because you all become too sensitive and irritable.  You always think that some family members are inconsiderate or blaming you for the situation, and become defensive.  Your reasoning and conflict management skills is highly compromised because of stress.  In most cases love deteriorates, and the danger is that you all seek love and attachment during this period.  When you don’t find love at home, there’s a chance  of living home and try to find love and attachment somewhere else.  This may lead to divorce, followed by depression, psychotic symptoms and even suicide.


High debt and failure to meet your financial obligations is very stressful while you have a job, and knowing that you will get paid at the end of the month.  How much more when you don’t know when or where the next income is going to come.  When you fail to meet your financial obligation you don’t even want to answer your calls, because you think it might be one of your creditors on the line.  You may ultimately loose your house, car, and all your valuable possessions.  Finding yourself homeless is an unbearable pain, you loose pride and dignity.  You also loose self confidence, and see yourself as a failure.  You suffer from major depression, and have suicidal thoughts.



It is not only government’s responsibility to create jobs, the private sector and citizens themselves can play a vital role in job creation.  But government has a responsibility to create economic stability by ensuring that the economic policies are favourable to business and all stakeholders, loosen the red tape, provide good infrastructure, attract foreign direct investments (FDIs), establish or improve international relations, create an environment that encourages new inventions, small businesses and entrepreneurship, eradicate dumping and corruption, and uphold the Rule of Law.  It is government’s responsibility to ensure that the resources are fairly distributed among the country’s citizens.  Land must be fully utilised appropriately, and support provided to farmers in order to maximise food production.


The main social responsibility of business is to create jobs, provide training and develop skills.  Business must address Corporate Governance deficiencies, provide mentorship to small business. Aid in funding entrepreneurs.  Small businesses creates a large number of jobs, especially for the unskilled and semi-skilled population.  Business must also assist the government in building high quality infrastructure so that trading can be easy.


This is the error of cost cutting measures, financial discipline must be encouraged within our families and societies.  We cannot continue to define people by what they drive and wear.  Never succumb to moments of hardship and pain.  Be courageous and determined.  Focus, and don’t allow prejudice to deter you from achieving your objectives nor allow people to determine who you will be.  Don’t lose hope, the conditions you find yourself in cannot determine your future.

Unconditional love is crucial at this juncture.  This is time that you need each other as family, love, comfort and encourage each other.  It’s time for selflessness, courage and multiple forgiveness.  Don’t give up on each other.  Think, write, read, and explore all available opportunities.  Come out of the cave, show interest in what other people are doing, and fight your resistance to change.  Learn new things and work hard.  No change can take place without hard work and getting your hands dirty.  Hard work always pay.  Rewards for your hard work will come when you least expected. Believe in yourself and stay positive.   




  1. Oh, this is a very awesome post on depression and unemployment. Yes it is a really painful thing especially when that is all one is living on. Two of my friends were laid offquite recently. They haven’t gotten a.new job and I feel so sotryfortgem. Yourwords are soothing and have a solutikn for them. I’ll share this with them. Like you said, we don’t need to wait for the government, we can deal with unemployment ourselves. Thank k you for the inspiring post!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time.  Thank you for spreading the love, we all need that during these trying times.  

      Be blessed.


  2. Dear Sandikazi,

    The timing of this informative and helpful post is awesome. Because of the inflation people losing their jobs and families are struggling which spoiling their peace (as you mentioned results in family conflicts).

    In the part of the world where I live unemployment is the biggest problem and my friends are afraid of their uncertainty on their jobs. To be honest, one friend called me and said, “Paul on a weekly basis my company is reducing the manpower (cost-cutting measures) and I am afraid of Monday’s”.

    People are totally dependent on their salary they have taken loans so when they lose their job it’s going to be a big struggle.

    The best thing is you not only discussed the problem but you have provided the solution as well.

    Thanks for talking about “Unconditional Love”. Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for reading my article, I hope you will spread the love.  We need each other, encourage and exchange the ideas and box unemployment.

      All the best.


  3. Sandikazi, you have done an excellent overview of the stigma called unemployment. That is very thorough. Every thing you said about it. To consider Africa where I live for a case study, unemployment seems to be on the rise. I, myself, I won’t consider myself as gainfully employed. This is why I am looking to have a business that won’t be bound by location or person. Doing something profitable online can be some good direction as it has no country specific economy. Thanks.

    1. I am an African, I feel the pain.  I am glad that you have found an alternative, and I wish you great success with your business.  Thank you for stopping by, I highly appreciate your time and comments.

      Be blessed.


  4. Depression is something that comes in so many forms and can hit us front on, from the side, from above.

    Life can be wonderful and provide you with so many great things, but it can also hit us for six.

    Our diets, exercise habits, day to day habits, any number of things can be impacting on our feelings, life, and potentially leading to a feeling of being overcome with emotions and feeling unwell and possibly depressed.

    Family issues are a big one in this discussion, as having children can be wonderful, but it adds a layer of stress at times that many people struggle with as well.

    1. Hello Shane,

      Thank you for stopping by.  I highly appreciate you time and comments.  We really need to stay prepared for anything as we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

      All the best.


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