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Commitment means a permanent bond.  When you are committed to your partner, be it a business partner or your wife or husband, you do not quit when things get tough.  When parents are committed to raising their children, educate them, they don’t abondon them when they fail.  Instead they keep supporting them even when they are disappointed by their actions.  They allow themselves to be punching bags.

When you are committed to the cause, you allow yourself to be wronged.  You apologize, and move without stress.  If you trying something, not committed to it, you are bound to fail.


Respecting your customers or clients is key to success for any business, small or a multinational.  Businesses who allocate resources to Research and Development tend to have good relationship with their customers.  They have a better understanding of what their customers need, tailor their products or services to meet the needs of the customers.  They listen, respect the views of the customer, they don’t decide on what is good for them without consultation.

A leader who listens and respect his or her subordinates gain their trust, respect, and support.  Mutual respect leads to high levels of performance, and less absenteeism.  High rate of productivity translate to profitability, competitive remuneration, motivated employees, and less employee turnover.  The same principle applies in marriage, respectful spouses care about each other even during disagreement.  They talk to each other about the conflict, and not about who is right and who is wrong.  They find comprises that work for both.

The same principle applies for parents and their children.  Parents who listen to their children, talk and engage with them, tend to have a better understanding of their children.  This relationship helps to minimize conflicts within the family, and the children tend to trust their parents and feel free to share their thoughts.  When you practice respect you live a long, healthy, and peaceful life.


Where there is no trust there is no relationship.  Trustworthy people earn the confidence of all those around them.  This can be their business partners, spouses, parents, children, friends, employers, and employees.  They don’t lie, but honest, abide by the rules, and keep their promises.

Reliability is the most important skill for any position, but more so for entry level position.  When you are reliable you become dependable, which is very important for job security.  A lot of stress result from job losses, cheating partners, high expectations and disappointments, and lacking sense of responsibility.


Lack of teamwork is a recipe for a disaster.  If there is no cohesion amongst the different units or divisions within an organization, between management and workers, where there is “us and them”, there is always dissatisfactions that leads to conflicts and strikes.  This leads to poor publicity that have a potential to tarnish the image of the organization.

If a husband and wife in marriage do things together, and share the same plan, they tend to overcome any challenge they come across.  Successful families are families who work together, share the same moral and ethical values, and support each other.


To err is human.  Resentment kills businesses and destroy families.  Holding on to resentment harm a person physically, and mentally.  It leads to anxiety and depression.  Learning to love makes it easy to forgive   When you love a person, you look past that person’s imperfections, and instead see the person he or she is trying to become.


Communication is the cornerstone of every successful organization.  Companies or organizations with sound communication strategies experience less staff or membership turnover.  Poor communication disrupts the smooth functioning of the organization.  Often leaders are bound to make unpopular decisions, but if those decisions are well communicated, and grievances managed properly, they can be implemented without conflict.

Comnmunication promotes transparency and mutual trust, making it easy for every member of the organization to claim ownership of the management decisions, which may be adopted as organization policies.

As a parent, communication with your children allows your children to open up.  Communication is the bridge that keeps you connected with your children.  And it is communication that keeps you connected with your customers, to the people as a leader, and to your friends and the entire family.


Discipline is a moral training that helps a person to make good choices.  A person can have good plans, but without discipline they are just wishes that never materialize.  Discipline is about correcting misbehavior.  It can be applied by a parent to correct a misbehavior of the child, by a coach correcting the misbehavior of the club members, or a manager correcting the misbehavior of his or her subordinates.

What is important about discipline is that it must be consistent.  Lack of discipline results in conflicts and anarchy.  Wise parents set reasonable rules and train their children to abide by them.  Individuals, families, and organizations who set rules and abide by them always succeed.


Values are personal standards by which you choose to live.  They include ethical standards, like being fair and considerate of others.  Values are learned at a young age.  There are a lot of bad influences in this world we live in, hence both moral and ethical values are essential.

A person with moral values cannot be easily persuaded to do something immoral, like using or selling drugs.  He or she has the ability to correct himself or herself when he/she realizes that he/she made a mistake.  Forgiveness becomes crucial for someone who finds himself or herself in this position.  First he/she must forgive himself/herself.  This person will need unconditional love and support from those around him or her.  It is important not to yell nor judge.  Constantly reminding him/her of who he/she really is helps.

Ethical values includes extending simple courtesies, like “please” and “thank you”, and showing concern for others.  Make a person feel loved and wanted, you have nothing to loose by doing that.


Living by example can be a challenge for most people.  How can you expect a child not to lie when you keep hiding from your neighbours or friends, and asking the child to lie and tell them you’re not home.  How can a parent discipline a child for drinking alcohol if he’s always drunk.  How can you tell a child that smoking is not good for his/her health when you send him/her daily to the shops to buy cigarette for you.  You can’t expect your children to go to church while you don’t worship.  If you want to avoid confrontations that may leave you with stress or anxiety, try by all means to live by example.  Set an example and live by what you teach.


Your identity is not just your name and appearance.  It goes far beyond than that.  It is everything that makes you, inside out.  It involves your values, beliefs, and character.  With a strong personal identity you can withstand powerful storms.  Do an introspection, find out who you are, and who you want to become by analysing your strengths and weaknesses.

What we call SWOT analysis to develop a business strategy for growth and profitability, also applies to us.  You need a SWOT analysis of yourself to craft the person you want to be.  Having trouble to identify positive things about yourself can lead to anxiety and depression.  Reach out to a trusted friend or family member, ask him or her what strengths he or her see on you, and why. It is important to believe what he or she tells you.  Find areas where you need improvement, and be the person you want to be – and be happy.


Hard work always pay.  Do not shy away from work.  Many people like shortcuts.  Yes, you may achieve your goal by being smart, as they say.  But whatever you achieve by cutting corners is not sustainable.  When you fall it’s not easy to rise again because often you have no clue of how you ended up there.  When you work hard you get a sense of pride and inner satisfaction.


A goal is more than a dream.  Goals involve planning, sacrifice, and hard work.  Reaching goals can boost your confidence, strengthen your friendship or relationships, and increase happiness.  You feel good about yourself, people enjoy to be around you, and you get a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Nobody wants to be associated with a person who is perceived to be a failure.  Not being able to achieve your goals, or simply not setting yourself any goal to achieve makes you fit the label of being a failure.  We all want to belong, and feel wanted.  But if you are seen as a failure friends will begin to avoid you.  You get frustrated, and in some cases end up associating yourself with wrong people, and do bad things because you want to fit in.  You feel rejected, and this can trigger the anxiety and major depression.


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