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Most people are not happy with their lives for various reasons, which includes ageing, death, politics or government, wealth, competition, and living below the poverty line.


Ageing is not reversible.  People fear ageing and spend a lot of money on cosmetic products trying to reverse ageing.  Negative attitudes about ageing and older people also have significant consequences for the physical and mental health of older adults.  They feel as if they are a burden to their families, and perceive their lives to be less valuable.  We have to be more caring and love them, to ensure that they don’t end up depressed.


We are all certain that we shall die one day.  The fear of death can cause unhappiness, anxiety and depression.  While we cannot get used to death, we have to prepare ourselves for death because tomorrow is not guaranteed.


A breakdown in any kind of relationship may lead to a drop of life satisfaction. It is natural to want to belong to a structure, like family, society or club.  Attachments are important to all of us.  Family is most important.  We all argue with our families.  Jealousy and resentment divides families.  You cannot except support from your family if the achievement of your brother or sister makes you feel unhappy.  Your brother’s or sister’s success is your success.  Cleanse resentment and jealous out of your system, and begin to complement your brothers or sisters on their achievements.  If you are successful, don’t see yourself better and disrespect your family members.


More countries face corruption challenges, inability to attract the intellectuals or skilled people to participate in politics and occupy leadership positions in government, because of unreasonable demands or high public expectations. Opportunists realize this shortfall and take advantage of the situation.   These are people without the skills to run the government.   They fail to deliver the required services, instead they misuse the public funds.  Poor service delivery leads to life satisfaction instability.


The responsibility of government is limited to providing good environment for business and citizens; provision of safety and security, which includes good police force and defense force, and food security; provision of good infrastructure, like roads, schools, hospitals, clinics, libraries, and recreational facilities; Social services; passing laws and implement policies that enable equal opportunities for citizens, attract investors, and create an atmosphere that is conducive of business development, job creation, and technology advancement.


Every household is supposed to own a property, have a stable income, have a car, tap and hot water, fridge, washing machine, Television and radio, phone, and ability to read and write.  It has been proven that life satisfaction remain stable in communities where every household is in possession of the above mentioned assets or facilities.


Often people compete with their colleagues or neighbours.  For example, you buy a house and satisfied with all its features until a neighbour decides to extend or renovate their house.  Immediately your blood pressure rise, you get depressed, and your life satisfaction drops, even though your living standard is good.  Don’t compare yourself with other people, especially the wealthy people because this will make you unhappy.


Your level of wealth, above the poverty line, depends on how you interprete wealth.  Your life satisfaction depends on whether money makes you happy or not.    It is good to have money, but don’t let money control you – you must control it.  Once you live above the poverty line, money does not determine success.  Don’t show off, live modestly.  Don’t worry about daily market fluctuations, acquiring assets and their value fluctuations.

Wealth makes people jealous.  It gives you power to influence decision making, even up to the highest office in the country.  You must use this power constructively.  Your private life become public.  You must therefore be responsible in all your actions, what you do and say may affect your life satisfaction.


A majority of people live below the poverty line.  This is not their choice.  It’s a matter of chance that one is born from a poor family, or the notion of Fortuna.  You may have been born from a fairly wealthy family, but something bad happened and changed your life.  To avoid depression, you must adapt to the condition in which you find yourself.  You mustn’t be angry and be resentful or jealous of those who are wealthy.  Accusing or blaming other people will only make you even more unhappy.

Poverty is not a legacy, and living below the poverty line does not mean you are redundant.  You can improve your standard of living, and improve your life satisfaction.


Be observant of everything around you, the world is full of opportunities and ideas.  Analyze yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses.  Ask for help, there are still good people out there who may be willing to help.  Volunteer in some projects, someone may recognize your efforts and locked doors open.

Read a lot, you might learn one thing or two. Write, someone might read your story and help you or direct you to a new journey that may change your life.  Work hard, don’t fear hardwork, it always pays.  Be patient, success don’t come overnight.  Persevere,  it is only through perseverance that you achieve your goals.

Determination is key to success.  Be positive, what you think is what you get.  Try everything, you don’t know where your fortune is going to come.  Be humble and kind to everyone, you don’t know when your luck day is going to come.

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  1. Very insightful post about life satisfaction and what leads to instability. I was in a severe motorcycle accident 1 1/2 years ago but the thought of going back to work kept me out of the grips of depression and anxiety. However, when I did make it back to work a year later my employers discriminated against me because of the disabilities I had developed. Being let down by people I had trusted coupled with not earning the same income left me in despair.

    I had to move away and find my life’s path again and find my passion for living again. I have achieved this but first I had to allow myself to grieve over that loss of being let down. It is hard to cope with life’s challenges but not impossible to overcome.  It does start with knowing myself, ie my strengths and weaknesses and being in a place of safety to heal and grow. All of that allowed me to discover how to earn a living online. For me that gave me the passion to life again.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your comment.  I’m sorry to hear about your experience.  But you handled it very well.  When one door close many more open.  Just stay positive.  I wish you great success with your business.

      Keep strong.


  2. Sometimes it feels like the universe is conspiring against us, like everything that can go wrong, goes wrong at the same time. But you give good advise in here, it’s important to be positive and to try and focus in the good things we already have. There are many activities we can do to meet new people and be able to have a more satisfying life. So, in other words, if we don’t like what we have now, do something to change the situation we’re facing!

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comment.  Staying positive and being open to change is key to success. Missed opportunities are a result of resistance to change.

      Keep well,


  3. Many good points are made in this article. Life Satisfaction is different for everyone, do you agree? Being true to yourself, respect for others, helping others and family will go along way to achieving life satisfaction. Money is not wealth, it is a means to an end. Some of us have more than others but wealth is not measured in dollars. 

    You point to affiliate marketing which is an opportunity for those that seek a challenge and like to be independent. It may or may not bring life’s satisfaction to everyone that pursues the business.

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment.  I fully agree that life satisfaction is different for everyone, and on the importance of moral and ethical values.  Money is indeed not wealth, perhaps the picture is not appropriate.

      In regard to affiliate marketing or any business, the success really depends on individuals. What makes Wealthy Affiliate to be outstanding is the training and support you get, and affordability.

      Thank you,


  4. Your ideas and the aim of your homepage are very useful, especially nowadays when there is so much stress and so much instability around us. To be honest to you I’m not really interested in finding who or what is responsible for it but only in trying to find solutions. You are absolutely right that depression can be terrible, not only for the person who is depressed but for the whole family as well. There are so many factors we cannot change like people being jealous in case of their neighbours’ wealth, but we can somehow make the world a little bit better, I mean doing our best to cretae a happier world together. Love has real curing effects but what else would you suggest for a mother with a depressed son who has been in it for long years and nothing – so far, hopefully not for ever – has helped?

    1. Hi Agnes,

      Thank you for your comment.  I don’t know what the diagnosis revealed in your son’s case.  It is important to determine the cause, and ensure that it is addressed.  Hence involving a psychiatric healthcare specialist is a must.  They always begin with medical examinations, including blood tests.  Treatment differ from patient to patient, so is duration.

      It is important to know if the patient is bipolar (taking long to be fully treated), or whether the depression is caused by substance abuse ( in the case of marijuana, depression is prolonged as long as the patient continues to smoke marijuana).  Patience is key, I know how difficult this may be as sometimes you tend to be a punching bag.

      Keep well.

  5. Hey Sandikazi,

    I especially took a liking to the section about wealth. I believe wealth isn’t about money, necessarily, but it’s whatever you make it. Wealth could mean good health at old age. It could mean a family that loves and cares for you. Or it could mean millions of dollars in your bank account and acres of land. It just depends on your perspective.

    Whatever it is, I agree there must be checks and balances so it doesn’t get to our heads. Money changes people, usually for the worse. It’s much easier said than done to stay humble.

    1. Hi Andre,

      Thank you for your comment.  Wealth is indeed  a matter of interpretation.  It is really unfortunate that it changes some people for the worst.  But thank you to those who use it’s power positively.

      Have a great day.

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