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Smiling is a conscious choice which is very attractive to people around us, it boosts the mood.   Spend more time in an environment that make you smile, with people that make you smile.  Happy people smile a lot more than unpleasant people, and smiling is contagious.  Children for instance smile a lot, because these are happy people.  Adults can benefit from taking a lead from the children and smile more.  I am talking about a genuine smile, it’s easy to smile and some people fake it.  People smile to communicate happiness, love, excitement, fun, and acceptance.  Hence a smile make you attractive.  Smiling have health benefits, including relieving stress, boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, making you feel good about yourself.


When you serve people with a smile they assign trustworthy towards you and the service you’re rendering.  They become more comfortable to talk to you, and provide information that may be crucial.  They attribute positive qualities towards you.  This is a good and most effective way of selling your brand, and retain clients or customers.  Greeting them with a smile shows that you care and happy to serve them.


An interview can make you feel anxious.  This can have a negative impact on your performance, and the outcomes of the interview.   Smiling makes you feel good about yourself, it boosts your confidence.  This is because it releases the feel-good neurotransmitters along with endorphins (the natural feel-good chemicals in your body that gives you a euphoric feeling) which help in mood regulation, reduce stress and helps increase self confidence.  When you smile you appear to be more confident and trustworthy, and more likely to be hired.  Smile when you pitch your product or your service, your smile can influence the perception and the decision of the audience.


You cannot remain angry or worried when you smile.  Positive thinking is important  for your success, health or wellbeing.  Smiling can elevate your mood when you’re worried or depressed. no matter what challenge you’re experiencing.  It takes your mind off worries, which often involve negative thoughts that can trigger depression and anxiety.  Smiling reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which is more active when you are stressed or anxious, and lowering it reduce negative feelings.   It sends a message that life is good to your brain and body, and enhance positive emotions.  When you smile you feel calm and optimistic.


When you smile the movements of muscles in your face lift your face, living you with a youthful appearance.  It is more natural and cost effective than facelifts.  It improves your health by boosting your immune system, as it relaxes your brain and body – positive message is communicated to your brain.  This positive feedback reinforce your feeling of joy.  As you laugh you fill your lungs with oxygen and replenish the cells.  When you laugh regularly you become mentally strong, ready to take on any challenge, take charge of your life, and live longer.  When you laugh less you grow old much quicker.  You get more wrinkles on your face, because you are not exercising your facial muscles.


Smiling prevents burnout as it elevates your mood, making you feel euphoric. You feel good about yourself, and your confidence level rise.  This can improve your performance, and become more productive.  Better performance and productivity leads to high compensation and better lifestyle,  and life satisfaction stability.


Smiling is even more important for those successful, confident and independent women who often intimidate men, and end up single.  I know in some cases this is by choice, and there is nothing wrong with being single.  But some women experience difficulty in attracting men, and are lonely – even though they may have everything, including good looks and style.  Smiling makes you more approachable, makes interaction much easier, and make you a more appealing person to be around.


Always surround yourself with happy people.  Identify things that make you laugh, and do them often.  Watch comedy on TV, read funny comics, play, dance and laugh at yourself.  Make a habit of looking at yourself in the mirror, and laugh.  Laughing is a natural antidepressant, it costs nothing.  So keep smiling.


  1. I have to admit being all smiles isn’t so easy but I like it when I pass people I don’t know in the streets and greet them with a smile. When you decide not to smile and get all serious it never attracts happy thoughts and you won’t go about talking with everyone is a way people will like. Being all serious will simply make people want to stay a little bit away from you. I’m one of those people who doesn’t always smile but will try this, it really does reduce stress levels

    1. Thank you Donny for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time and comments.

      All the best.


  2. This is a very important message. It’s a message that I needed to be reminded of. I battle with depression and anxiety, which holds me back from being the happy, funny and likeable person that I really am. Smiling and laughing is so easy and very important. I think that most people, myself included, know this but somehow tend to forget when things get rough. Thank you so much for sharing this article and helping all of us remember that a simple smile has so many great benefits. You are exactly right! You just can not remain angry or worried when you are smiling or laughing : )

    1. Hi Tracy,

      I hope and pray that you overcome depression and anxiety.  Keep smiling, and thank you for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time and comments.

      Keep well.


  3. For really I have enjoyed reading this article I have even smiled when reading it in addition thanks for this article because by this article I have got to know that a smile takes away stress for really I don’t know that so  by this information I have got to know so going to keep myself smiling though am stressful thanks a lot

    1. Thank you Mugalu for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time and comments.

      All the best.


  4. A smile costs nothing but gain lots. You are absolutely correct to say that we need to surround ourselves with happy people, especially when we are down. Do not let negativity control us. It will only pull us down further. The other way round, we should always try to make others happy. Spread the smile, spread the joy!

    I enjoy reading your article. Thanks for bringing a smile to me. You have a great day!

    1. Thank you Sharon for stopping by.  I highly appreciate you time and comments.

      All the best.


  5. WOW, great article!

    Smiling is the cure for a happy and live a long life.

    When I read your article I noticed when we smile it helps to forget our sad fast memories and stay motivated in the present moment.

    when we around with angry and hopeless peoples our smile will disappear. So we must avoid unhappy peoples. also you shared key tips to smile more.

    Thank you for sharing valuable content. Keep it up and Keep smiling 🙂

    1. Thank you Gihan for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time and comments.

      All the best.


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