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Secrets are like a corpse buried in a shallow grave.  They always find a way to come out.  They are an act of deceit, carried by selfish people for selfish reasons.  They are often kept to protect the perpetrators at the expense of the victim.  They can cause stress, anxiety depression to the victim and the people keeping the secret.


Children are often denied of their true identity.  Some children have no relationships with their biological parents, sometimes not because of the parents choice to abandon or reject them.  There are some fathers who are not even aware that they fathered a child.

Some partners are not truthful to their spouses, children grow without their mothers, live like orphans while their parents are alive, because either the father or mother is keeping their existence a secret.

These children grow without knowing their siblings, the worst cases being when they come together not knowing they’re stepbrothers or stepsisters.    Their rights are being violated.

They feel unwanted, rejected, believing there may be something wrong with them.  They may resort to drinking alcohol,  substance abuse and poor performance at school.  This may cause stress, anxiety and major depression to them and people living with them.  This amounts to crime and should be treated as such.


Cheating against your partner or having an extramarital relationship is bad, not only because is sinful, but it’s breaking the heart and damaging a soul of an innocent person – your partner, who loves and trusts you.

This takes away his self belief, doubting his judgment.  He gets angry and disappointed not only with you, but also with himself.  He may take a while to move on in life as he may experience difficulty in trusting the next person, who also become your victim.  He reserve his feelings.

The effects are even worse when the victim is in denial while the secret is revealed, leading to major depression and even committing suicide.


Most people have secret recipes that they’re not willing to share with everyone, not sharing the ingredients of the meal or dish they cooked.  This may not be done with intention to harm anyone, but it can be harmful.

Some people are allergic to some products, like coconut.  You may therefore cause a person to be sick unintentionally and you may be severely stressed.  It is therefore a safety measure to disclose the ingredients used in preparing the meal.


Foods is one of the pillars of health.  People therefore need to be conscious of what they’re eating.  Sometimes the danger is not in what you eat, but It’s related to the portion – how much.

The body need sufficient amount of all nutrients.  Even healthy foods have side effects if consumption is exaggerated.  The global epidemic of obesity and diabetes is related to diets containing too much carbohydrates and too little fat and protein.

At the same time there is a need to increase the intake of healthy carbohydrates and avoid artery-clogging saturated fats.  This highlights the importance of product labelling.

There’s a need to read the label on each product you consume, to correlate the amount of nutrients on the label with the portion.  The baby formulas are a good example, and they even insert a little pamphlet inside the container which tells you exactly how much scoops to add in a content that will be sufficient for the baby in accordance with their age.  Unfortunately this is not the case with other products.

Most companies or manufacturers are not transparent when it comes to the composition of their end products.  People consume these products without knowing the amount or what they intake.  This often leads to obesity or sicknesses like asthma, rush, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack.   Suffering from these illnesses or taking care of a sick person is stressful – it draws your energy and you may experience financial stress.


The only purpose of knowing what you know is to share it.  There is always someone who knows it better than you, just as there is always a better way of doing anything.

You will never improve on doing anything until you test yourself.  A secret cannot be tested, the only thing that can be tested is something shared.  You can only get opinions if you reveal the secret.

Knowledge is more valuable when it’s shared.  Many people have good ideas that may change their lives, create pleasure and meaning of their lives.  But the problem is that they never put them to test.  So they remain ideas, not developed to inventions.   They then feel robbed when someone else create or develop something similar or same, become jealous and depressed.


Keeping a secret is a heavy burden. It prevents you from living a good life.  You walk around with guilt and constant fear of what might happen if it comes out.

It causes sleepless nights, affect your concentration, and negatively influence your decision making.  You may not be a good person to work with, people may avoid being around you and create a distance that will make you feel lonely and unwanted.

Not being transparent cause a lot of unhappiness and frustration within you.  Reaching out to a friend or family member may ease the burden.  Failure to do so may lead to anxiety and depression, and even a cardiac arrest.


People often pledge to take their secrets to the grave.  But secrets always find a way of coming out when you least expected.  When they do come out they often cause shock, destruction, shame or embarrassment.  You lose your dignity.

It is difficult, close to impossible, to repair or mitigate the damage that may be caused by the revelation of a secret.  Secrets can’t be controlled by an individual individual, they have less to do with being discreet.

Sometimes the act may not be as offensive as keeping it a secret.  Secrets destroy families, marriages, relationships or friendships – causing conflicts which often lead to stress, anxiety and major depression.


Some people like to portray themselves more important and better than others.  They keep secrets because they don’t want other people to succeed.  These are people who received guidance and support from other people to get where they are.  They drop the ladder when they reach the top.  They won’t share with others how they became successful, how they achieved their goals or accumulated wealth.

Selfish people will make you believe that they achieved because they possess a special skill.  Today many people make money through trading, especially with binary options.  This is a very easy way of making money, but you will be made to believe that it is complicated, and you need to have experience in trading and understanding of the stock markets.

You will never be told that you actually have access to information that you need to make informed decisions after you opened a trading account.  And with all the breakthrough software at your disposal you can’t go wrong.  Of course you won’t win all the time, you may get 75% winnings and 25% losses but you will still make money.

So don’t be discouraged, some people simply hate to see others prospering.  Free yourself from the financial stress.


Remember that you can keep a secret from everybody, but not from God.  He sees it all.  People do bad things to others, the violence taking place behind closed doors is alarming, crime committed just because the perpetrators believes no one is watching.

They may walk around free, look at their victims suffer, laugh and eat with them as if they’ve done nothing.  But  they suffer silently inside, and highly depressed.  Depression may lead them to repeating the crime.  Some pray every day and night, go to church, and preach to others.

Remember it’s not your portion to repay them.  Let the Angel of God chase them.  When evil is rewarded for your good, fast and pray.  Don’t change your identity.  You’re God’s child.


  1. Talking about secrets, yes they really do come out. In Numbers 32:23 it said, “But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

    This blog post of yours has reminded me of this text in the Bible. I, too, have some secrets in my life, since childhood. Sometimes, they get me into depressions, and good thing, I always recovered. But maybe the best thing to do is, deal with these secrets properly.

    1. Hi Gomer,

      Thank you for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time and comments.  I am also affected, my father told me about my stepbrother just before he passed on.  I would like to know him better but I don’t know how to do that without causing trouble for him and his married mother.  On the other hand I spend every Christmas with sisters who don’t know that they’re stepsisters.  Talking to my mother helped me a lot.  You must deal with your secret, my dad died of cardiac arrest.

      Happy Father’s Day!

  2. This is such a helpful and interesting post. I didn’t how unreal the companies are when talking about the composition of their products. Nowadays, people don’t care about the composition of the product, and I agree when you said that most companies put what they want to put on the product specification to make more sales. 

    I’m not a healthy person, to be honest, however, I like to read about information about some healthy food that you can make to prevent any time of illness. You have opened my eyes regarding the products that can develop the illness if you don’t search the right information about them.

    Thanks for the post

    1. Hi Andries,

      Thank you for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time and comments.  Do look after your health.

      Happy Father’s Day!

  3. I am a little confused.  When I first started readindg, I thought it was about overcoming depression.  I soon realized it was an article about secrets.  Again I thought it was about secrets and how it can effect the life of a child, but as i read on it seems to jump from one secret to another and not related at all to the mental health of a child or the mental health of anyone.  For example, when you were talking about food secrets, it did talk about the harm it can cause to a person’s physical health, but not the mental health.  I found it all very interesting, but I had a hard time relating it to the mental health issue that I thought it was going to address.  The topics were well separated and paraphrased.  Pictures throughout enhanced the readability.  I liked the one of the person behind the plant.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for stopping by.  I appreciate your time and comments.  It’s a pity you got confused, but if you understood the causes of anxiety and depression you would understand where I’m coming from.  The child behind the tree is looking at her parents but can’t come out and greet them because her existence is a secret.  What do you think that does to her?

      Do you believe we should isolate diet and food labelling as factors of CHD?  Abnormal carbohydrates metabolism disorders all affect the central nervous system.  Therefore food labelling is very important to those who are genetically carbohydrate resistant.    Depression is a risk factor for CHD along with smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

      Mental health and CHD are the leading cause of mortality.  My website’s intension is to create awareness of all the root causes of cognitive symptoms, which are often under looked or undermined..

      I hope I have provided sufficient explanation.  Further questions will be welcomed.

      Have a great weekend.

      Sandikazi (Sandi)

  4. Extremely well written post. Your interpretation of secrets and how they can damage both the holder of the secrets and others is thought provoking indeed. In most cases I believe in honesty and openness as the best policy as it saves you from mental discomfort and may also lead to a downward spiral of more dangerous deceptions and lies that you can’t get out of. However I still believe there is a need to keep things like your anxiety or stresses a secret at times to shield your loved ones from what could be unnecessary worry. 



    1. Hi Joshi,

      Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your comments.  Never hide your problems to your family, they love you, and that’s what you need when you experience cognitive symptoms.  Enjoy Father’s Day.

      All the best,


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