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There’s several factors that leads to life satisfaction instability, and they include ageing, death, politics or government, wealth, competition, and living below the poverty line.  All of them are centered around financial management.  Financial discipline is the corner stone of living a good stress free life. Lack of finacial discipline, not being able to stick to plans and poor internal controls may cause stress.


Ageing is not reversible. Negative attitudes about ageing and older people have significant consequences for the physical and mental health of older adults. They feel as if they are a burden to their families, and perceive their lives to be less valuable.  You may not experience these feelings if you are financially independent.   You must begin to save earlier in life to ensure that you have adequate funds to take care of yourself, particularly your health during retirement.  A financial adviser can research and provide you with different investment options.

You must also have a financial adviser to  help you manage your assets wisely.  For instance you may need to downsize and move to a retirement village,  where you can have access to excellent health care services and security.  Having a financial adviser may ease the burden of dealing with estate agents, and deal with all the stressful processes of selling and acquiring a property on your behalf,  which is polluted with people who use unethical means to profit at your expense.  This is the perfect time to travel and spend time with your grandchildren, and your financial adviser can research about the best destinations, the best times to travel to different destinations, and find out about promotions.  This can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention the reduced stress.


We are all certain that we shall die one day. The fear of death can cause unhappiness, anxiety and depression. While we cannot get used to death, we have to prepare ourselves for death because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  People tend to underestimate the value of life insurance policy, the importance of having a will, and the preparation for your funeral which can be very costly.  A financial adviser can help you draw a will so that your hard earned money or assets can be distributed to the deserving beneficiaries, when you are no longer able to raise your concerns.  No one knows when they will die, you cannot afford to procrastinate signing up for an insurance policy.  You cannot rest in peace, leaving your family with debts and a vivid future.  A life insurance policy is a worry killer.  Choosing a right policy cover, insurance provider, terms and conditions of the policy can be a challenge if you don’t have a solid knowledge of the industry.  A financial adviser will secure a good cover, sufficient to cover your funeral expenses, and take care of your family while you gone.


Politics affects our lifestyles.  Governments change all the time, and each time there’s a change in government new policies are adopted.  The economic growth and stability is largely influenced by these policies, which in turn affects your income and standard of living.  Your investment must be in line with the inflation.  You therefore need a financial adviser who can interpret the legislation and adjust your risks accordingly, or take advantage of the opportunities.  Lack of knowledge and insufficient information may result in poor decision making, loss on investments or opportunity cost.


If you are fortunate enough to be wealthy, having a financial adviser is crucial.  You need a financial adviser to manage all your portfolios.  You don’t have to worry about daily market fluctuations, acquiring assets and their value fluctuations.  Your financial adviser will do it all for you while you concentrate on other subjects.   Your financial adviser may even go as far as managing your brand.   All of this can relieve stress.


Your financial adviser can monitor the activities of your competitors, enhance your network,  keep track of the market trends, and recommend the necessary adjustments.  This will allow you to be more proactive, instead of reacting to major disruptions.


A percentage of people live below the poverty line.  This is not by choice for many of them, but some may have engineered this situation through their reckless expenditure and failing to save. To avoid depression, you must adapt to the condition in which you find yourself. This means you must live according to your means, budget and save.    You must always know what to buy, when to buy, and where to buy. Differentiate between the needs and wants. A need is what you must have to survive and want is what you desire but can live without. Buy what you need, and make sure that you can afford it. Shopping on credit is not wise when you can’t manage your debt. Avoid being highly indebted as this can lead to major depression. Finances start to be drained when spending becomes uncontrolled. If you are overwhelmed with debts, on the verge of losing everything important to you, and not knowing how to get out of this situation, getting yourself a professional financial adviser may be the first step to sanity and financial freedom.  Do something to supplement your income, anything extra can close a gap.


Some of the financial woes that we experience are due to misfortunes, like natural disasters, job losses or chronic illnesses.  You must save for periods like these.   You need a financial adviser to help you prepare for misfortunes like these. Insurance policies are a great invention. They are rated high among the most elegant worry killers. Their true value is not the monetary payout when there’s a problem, but the reduced anxiety beforehand.  Some people regard paying insurance premiums a waste of money, some believe they can’t afford it. How many people drive cars that are not insured? How many households are not insured? How many employed people have income or unemployment insurance? How many people have disability insurance?

If you’re one of them, what would you do if a disaster can happen? Would you afford to replace everything you have? Would you be able to support your family? Yes insurance may not replace the sentimental values you had with what you lost, but it gives you an opportunity to continue to enjoy the same lifestyle.

Even when you’ve failed to prepare and suddenly find yourself financially distressed a financial adviser can help you get out of the situation without major bruises. The investment on a financial adviser is far less than what you stand to lose without sound financial advice.

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  1. I think this is a great article to a great topic.. Depression runs in my family, it’s very hard to overcome most days. Wether it be due to stress, anxiety, worried all the time, we try to pull through.

    I like how you pointed out “Lack of finacial discipline, not being able to stick to plans and poor internal controls may cause stress.” Becuz ideally thats the truth, maybe even the top 5. 

    I think you can benefit creating for your next article about dealing with depression & anxiety on a budget. People are always looking for answers to help stick with a plan knowing they have to deal with depression and anxiety on daily… 

    Great work.. All the best!

    1. Thank you Genia for stopping by.  I appreciate your time and comments,

      All  the best.


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