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The best free painkillers are within you.  Pain triggers stress and depression.   Depression is a risk factor for Chronic Heart Disease (CHD), along with smoking, high cholesterol  and high blood pressure.  When you suffer from a prolonged pain your blood pressure often rise, and some people smoke more than usual.   Chronic Heart Disease is the number one cause of mortality in the world today.  Don’t be part of the statistics.  .

The best free painkillers include refusing to drown on your sorrows, not focusing on the pain, finding the good from the pain, avoid being a judge, differentiate between the good cause and the evil, forgive, fear less, keep  your eyes on God, and always remember your goal. 


When you drowning on your sorrows you show symptoms of depression, desire to be alone (dwelling on the pain), blaming everyone   and even yourself, being negative and have difficulty in identifying anything positive, lack interest in activities, difficulty sleeping, full of anger, and life satisfaction dip to a level of thinking about suicide. 

Don’t do this to yourself, no matter what is hurting you, what predicament you’re dealing with.   Life is like a chess game, even the pros or experts are not immune to losing.   It is full of suprises and disappointments, and  knows no fairness.  Your success and survival depends on how you prepare yourself for moments like these, how you handle pain emanating from loss, deceit, failure, rejection, or disappointment.  Accept it, learn from it, dust yourself and move on. 


We tend to focus more on the pain, having sleepless nights overthinking, and trying to find the cause – what input you had and what you could have done differently, blaming yourself or others, and sometimes accusing innocent people, distance yourself from people who may help you get out of your misery.  Analysing the pain won’t change your situation, instead your grief is deepened, and it delays the healing process.  


There’s a reason for everything that happens in your life,  We all have desires and needs.  We dream, we’re ambitious, and want to succeed and have it all.  But  not everything we want is good for us.  For example  when I was 46 years I bumped into my ex-partner where I least expected.  We reconnected, and decided to form a blended family.  We tried to have  one child together, and I suddenly noticed pregnancy symptoms.   I  bought a home pregnancy test kit and tested myself.   The test results were positive.  

We then booked an appointment with my gynecologist. He disapproved the idea from the time we entered his room, because of the age and the complications with my first and second pregnancy, which resulted in premature babies.  The scan showed fibroids – I was not pregnant.  My partner refused to accept this.   In fact he turned  purple as the doctor explained why it was impossible for me to conceive.

He suggested another gynecologist, who also confirmed the existence of fibroids but  recommended surgery, after which  there could be a chance  to conceive.  This raised  his hope, but I was not prepared to take that risk after my gynecologist told me that the surgery was risky and fibroids contracts after some time.  This caused tension between us, but I thank God for those fibroids, which soon contracted.  The bond between my children and I  strengthened – which is what I needed.  There is always something good from every pain, try to  find it, and focus on it.


Don’t be quick on judging other people.  If you decide to be the judge, be a good one, and  be prepared to  be judged yourself.   You may never know what drives a person to act or behave in a particular manner.  You must therefore have facts and not base your judgement on assumptions or stereotypes.  Judging based on assumptions can be  disastrous and  humiliating, leading to lost opportunities, frustrations and depression. 


You must be able to differentiate between the good cause and evil.  Determine whether the pain is  of a natural or good cause or evil.  This may allow you to  control your reaction appropriately.  Remember that even if it’s act of evil, it is not your portion to repay them.


Forgiveness will set you free. Nobody is perfect, don’t sabotage yourself.  Resentment cause more harm and unhappiness.  It clouds you with anger, prolongs the pain, preventing you from moving on with your life.  You even suffer more than the perpetrator that you are refusing to forgive.  Forgiveness is the first step in healing yourself.  Forgive other people and forgive yourself, and live a good life.


You don’t have the power to control everything. So let one person who is able to see what you can’t, reach where you’re unable to get (the one who knows  things before they happen) take care  of those things you have less or no control of.  Put your trust in him, he never make mistakes, will never abandon you, and will never disappoint you.  Prepare yourself for fate, which have more impact in our lives than we value it.  Keep your eyes on God, and you will have nothing to fear.


Fear is an assurance of failure, because  if you fear you will never begin to do anything.  You won’t attempt any advice or possible solution to your problem. Stop fearing the unknown.  Remove the what  ifs from your mind.  You will never know your capability until you put yourself to the test. Be a doer.  Doers are fearless, they are the inventors, they  fail and rejected, but they don’t sulk.  They learn from their mistakes, dust themselves and move on, and succeed. The number of attempts is not important, what is important is achieving your objective.  Life is about the arrival at your destination.


You can’t be distracted or discouraged if you know your goal, and  know that you shall achieve them.  The  power of knowing that you shall heal or achieve your goal diminish any fear or doubts.  It’s like putting fuel in a car, and see the kilometres that you will cover.  Tyres may burst, there can be delays or obstructions on the road, but you know that you will arrive at your destination. 


  1. Killing pains in us is not an easy thing and that is why most people end up giving or submitting to the use of supplements and various medicines but then, all these that you have pointed out are another phase entirely to the process of killing the pains within us and letting everything become bygone. To me, it takes the total strength to do all these but it will surely pay the dividends if we can do it especially forgiving others.

    1. Thank you Rodarrick for stopping by.  I highly appreciate your time and comments.

      All the best.


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